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Est. 1992

Creative Lead @ Pinterest

Wieden+Kennedy, Struck, Nelson Cash, Lake Retreat, 247LS,
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  • Amazon Music
  • Adobe
  • Corona
  • Google Fiber
  • Jordan
  • Mercari
  • Nike // Golf, Brand, Basketball, SB, Football, Global Football, Running, Women, Tennis
  • Pinterest
  • Powerade
  • Yakima
  • Many many more

Awards: 🏆
  • My mom says I’m handsome
  • 1x Cannes Grand Prix (2021)
  • 4x One Show Gold (2021)
  • 3x One Show Silver (2021)
  • 5x One Show Bronze (2021)
  • 1x Emmy (2021)
  • 3x ANDY’S (2020)
  • 1x Effie (2020)
  • 2x ADC Gold + Silver Pencils (2019)
  • 4x Webby Awards (2019)
  • 1x Emmy (2019)
  • 1x The gratefulness of a rescued princess in a videogame

Art Direction / Writing / Imagery

I lead creation of photography, brand campaigns, video, and social. Photo is the first love. You should hire me if your brand tell its story through photo, narrative, and concept.

I’ve been doing “creativity” “professionally” for ~9 years. Embodying every Portland stereotype, I worked at and managed coffeeshops while doing wedding photography for years. Coffee and photography are still central to my creative practice.

I found my way to the world of graphic design by accident. My early career was spent as a creative generalist honing skills in photo, video, audio engineering, print design, writing, and more. Originally self-taught, I graduated with a BFA in design from Portland State University. 

My scattershot background lays a strong creative foundation to develop concepts from. I know a little bit about a lot, I ask stupid question to get smart answers, and I’m a good teammate.

I’ve been employed as a designer, art director, copywriter, and photographer. Variety is the 🌶.

Additionally, I am a human man. Outside of work I do a lot of photo walks, cook, fix old Game Boys, enjoy a good cocktail, and live / eat in PDX with my wife Rachael and French Bulldog Pepper. 

Stalk me, you coward.

Available for freelance photography and art direction / weekends / fly-by-night.
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