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2019 - 2020


Created at W+K
Graphic design, set design, OOH design, 3D direction, contributions to experiential
Nike Chicago Style

Chicago has a certain rhythm. A heartbeat. A signature feel. From hotdogs to sport—everything is done Chicago Style.

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My contribution to this was weighted heavily towards the film and OOH assets. I solo designed all film graphics, assisted with set design, and solo designed all out of home. Flew to Chicago to live design additional needs on-set in the Billy Goat Tavern.  Assisted art director with retouching direction for OOH + 3D.

Design and production assist on experiential. Directed sign painting layouts. Helped write one-liners, jokes, and menu items. I was the solo designer on initial concepting of the diner, but after the film picked up steam, the team got much larger and I played a supporting role.

Made with James Aloysius, Michael Rosenau, Katey Kahanu, Shayne Kybartas, Jack Welles, Kevin Steele, David Chathas, Nick Humbel, Seth Shelman, Jasmyn Barr, Emily Knight, Shani Storey, Krystle Mortimore, Paanii Annan, Anthony Williams and many more.

Photos by Adam Jason Cohen
Films directed by Mike Warzin
Film set design by Clement Price-Thomas

© Mitchell Wilson, 1992 - Forever
Design, writing, art direction, photo, etc