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2021 - 2022

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Created at Pinterest
Art direction, motion direction, graphic design, production design, retouching, agency direction
Pinterest ‘Creator Originals’ 2021

2021 was the Year of the Creator. At the heart of this was an investment in original content native to the Pinterest platform. I led the overall creative + art direction, as well as contributed design to 20 of the 24 executions.

We couldn’t shoot anything, we had to use stock, and we were working against some immovable deadlines. This resulted in the textural stock approach that gave a vibe sneak peek of the series or the Creator.

We delivered a scalable and bespoke system that we could use for ANY Creator moving forward. Texture + custom type + motion principles in a toolkit to help drive forward Pinterest’s Creator work.

We also owned externally produced cutdowns and short digital ads to live on Instagram, Pinterest, and various owned channels. These were made by our agency partner Amplify guided by my creative direction and the hands-on direction of Kitron Neuschatz.

All delivered on-time and under budget by the watchful eyes of Producer Diana Fischman. Did I mention this was my 1st project at Pinterest and I started it my 2nd week there?

View 1 of the 24 series here.

ECD: James Hurst, Design Director: Tim Belonax, Writer: Mac Huynh 

Animatics by Kevin Taylor, Wave 3 Graphic Design support from Monica Hernandez, Feed Card workflow art direction by Kitron Neuschatz, Motion design by Carlos Escoto, Produced by Diana Fischman.


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