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Created with Made Thought

Created at Pinterest
Creative + art direction, design, production design, retouching, curation

Pinterest Predicts

Predicts is a MASSIVE undertaking from of hundreds of XFN partners, external partners, creatives, and more. Each year, our not-yet-trending report is a boon to the advertisers who use Pinterest as a key marketing tool.

With our partners at MADE THOUGHT, we brought to life an immersive world informed by the future coming into focus—powered by the researchers at Pinterest. This lives across web, email, social, print, film, seeding kits, small events, and global asset packs.


My contribution leaned toward image curation, story, production guidance, image making, and layouts alongside Monica Hernandez and Anna Hustler.

I created a sub-domain within the art direction: making space for editorial expressions -> a visual breakdown alongside the verbal breakdown of the trends. The atypical shapes break free of the rigid rectangles of the web, hinting at motion despite our static constraints. The forms continue between the images, creating tangents, new shapes, and continuations.

This would not have been possible without image curation, sourcing, and guidance from Anna Hustler.

I also led production design for key art, sizing, and social. I partnered in production design for web with the talented and persistent August Mcmullan and the expert Kevin Taylor.

My key creative partners were Monica Hernandez and Anna Hustler. The work was shepherded by Diana Fischman and Jeff Ho. The writers were Leah Gordon and Alejandro de la Villa.

High-level creative direction from Tim Belonax. Motion via Pedro Orendain and MADE THOUGHT. Web design by August Mcmullan and Philip Czapla. Film led by Monica + Alejandro + Pedro. There are literally dozens of creative people who touched this. A behemoth of a project. 

© Mitchell Wilson, 1992 - Forever
Design, writing, art direction, photo, etc