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Created in partnership with Media.Monks + Tiny Lion Music

CDs: Tim Belonax + Natasha Clark
Creative Team: Mitch Wilson, Mac Hyunh, Monica Hernandez, Micaela Brookman, Nnamdi Oghedo, Ricardo Baltazar, Kitron Neuschatz
Producers: Stephen Guiterriez + Diana Fischman
Directed by Iqbal Ahmed

Created at Pinterest
Creative direction,
art direction, writing, concept development,
graphic design, retouching

Pinterest ‘Somebody Needs You’ 

On Pinterest, people actually need your idea.

Insight: Unlike other places, on Pinterest your idea could actually change someone’s life, or at the very least, how they peel garlic, forever.

Concept: It's not about finding an expert to fix it for you, it's about finding someone who inspires you to do it yourself...and then sharing that in turn. Somebody needs you.

Whether you're a creator, a pinner, or somewhere in between—your ideas are valuable. This campaign explores finding the PERFECT solution for your needs through the creative ecosystem of Pinterest. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll turn around and show your idea to someone else who needs it.


© Mitchell Wilson, 1992 - Forever
Design, writing, art direction, photo, etc