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Created independently

Art direction / photography / apparel design / creative direction / retouching

The 48k Collection
A friend of mine runs several websites selling samples, sounds, settings, and kits for the Teenage Engineering series of digital instruments, with a sub-focus specifically on the OPZ.

Several of his customers and followers had mentioned not liking the apparel straight from TE because it didn’t pull from the same sensibilities as their industrial design, was extremely limited, and usually very expensive. With this in mind, we took inspiration from the OP-Z knob colors, and paired that with typefaces pulled from vintage electronics user manuals.

Insight: When a company doesn’t give shared customers what they want, it’s an opportunity to innovate.

Concept: The lookbook concept is a 2-up series rooted in the idea of taking a stock, off-the-shelf sample (the studio shot), and putting it into the context of your own creative practice, or how it gets used in real life (the direct flash “real life” shot)

With generous studio time gifted to us from Summit Studio in Portland, Oregon, we documented the clothing for ecommerce, as well as shooting a look book.

I did all the photography and lighting on set, with styling and grip assistance from Corey Lofthus and Jordan Chesbrough. Lighting guidance from Jordan Chesbrough as well.

© Mitchell Wilson, 1992 - Forever
Design, writing, art direction, photo, etc